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Evaluations are $50.00 per Relic + Return Shipping - Appraisals are Included Free on All Certified Relics.

          Have your artifacts authenticity examined for peace of mind in an Investment stand point, Documentation, Future Sales Advantages and Protection against Fraudulent Purchases. All Artifacts are guaranteed to be judged with the utmost fairness regardless of existing certificates or previous ownership and history. Only Artifacts submitted that are determined to be 100% Genuinely Authentic will receive Certificates. For your convenience and protection, any artifact deemed as ‘’Not Authentic, Modernly Altered or Questionable’’ will receive a photo copy of the artifact along with a brief statement explaining why it was rejected as proof that it was examined by Sam Cox Artifacts. We provide The Premier and Most Trusted Evaluation Service in the country and give full assurance that you’re Interest and Investments are Guaranteed to be taken with the utmost of concern. Our evaluations are preformed using modern scientific methods as well as decades of expertise and earned knowledge in the field.

All Certificates come on a High Quality Laminated Photo Paper with a Dual Sided Full Color Photos of your Relic and will Include its Type, Provenance, Material, Color, Length, Width, Weight in Grams and Grade descriptions. In Addition, all Certified Artifact Certificates are stamped with the Trade Marked Sam Cox Artifacts Copy Write Seal of Approval. 

We also offer appraisal services on individual items or entire collections at affordable rates.

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Please include all origin (State/County) Information to be recorded as well all Personal Contact Information with your shipment.

Certificates Include Full Color Photos Of Your Relic

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Evaluations are $50.00 per Relic + Return Shipping - Appraisals are Included Free of charge on all Relics. Submissions that do not qualify for a certificate will receive a letter of explanation on our findings.

Grading Definitions

GRADE   10+ The exceptional perfect artifact. One of the few half dozen best known to exist and near impossible to obtain. Perfect in every way, including ranking, material, symmetry and form. The best example you would ever expect to see of any given type. This grade is extremely rare, and can apply to all size artifacts that normally occur in a given type.
GRADE   10

A perfect artifact, including ranking, material, symmetry and form. This grade is extremely rare, and applies to all sizes of artifacts that normally occur in a given type. A piece does not have to be typically larger than normal to qualify for this ranking.


Near perfect artifact but lacking just a little in material or original manufacturing form. It may have a minor ancient or modern defect to keep it out of a 10 category. Still very rare, most high grade artifacts would fall into this category.


Better than an average grade artifact, but not quite nice enough to get a high ranking. Size, symmetry and overall quality at this grade are still above the overall average and a few minor imperfections may be more prevalently noticeable. Many artifacts in this grade are still very hard to find in most cases and are still considered a very collectible grade.


The average quality that is found for any given type of artifact. Usually with more noticeable detractions in concern to overall symmetry and eye appeal or due to more serious damages that have occurred.

GRADE 1 - 3 An artifact that exhibits below average overall quality. A once better artifact with more serious faults and damage would fall into this grade. The most common grade found and correspondingly, the least valuable.