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001. This 3 9/16'' Steatite Humped Bannerstone with a well defined ridge was found near Summerset in a Pulaski County KY on Lake Cumberland over seventy five years ago. It is polished over its entirety with large crystal quartz inclusion on its side. EX: Phillip Foley Collection

$2200. - SOLD

002. This 3 3/8'' Indiana Hornstone Dovetail was found in Spencer County Indiana. It exhibit's masterful flaking as well as form. EX: Chalmer Lynch and Clem Caldwell Collections.

$1050 - SOLD

003. Very Rare Translucent Flint Pentagonal Fort Ancient Blade. It measures 4 3/8'' long by 1 ½'' wide and has very good flaking witch is somewhat hard to detected by the photo. It was found on the Ohio River near Mauckport Indiana and originally collected by Chalmer Lynch, then passing to the Clem Caldwell Collection. The transparency of this points is remarkable, as only few from this region are know to exist.

$1250. - SOLD

004. This very finely made ¾ groove hardstone axe was found in Decatur County Iowa. The material is made of highly polished green, black and white granite. It has clean crisp lines, raised groove in front and back, classic horse shoe type pole and is fluted on the bottom. More information on the previous own as well as finder may be obtained.

$2250- SOLD


1. Banded Slate Paneled Bannerstone 3 ¼ x 2 ½ : Found near Corydon Henderson County KY. One of the most colorful and well made of its type.
$ 19,500.00


2. Steatite Great Pipe 7 ¾" : This Flying Eagle Effigy Pipe was found in Cumberland County KY and is one of only about 80 of its type in private hands. Its also known to be one of the most decoratively artistic forms of all prehistoric relics and has many highly pronounced features such as highly developed head, beak, wings, legs and tucked feet as though it were in a dive during flight. It has formerly graced such prominent collections as Dr. T. Hugh Young and Clem Caldwell. Also pictured in many publications such as Legends of Prehistoric Art, Prehistoric America And Who's Who in Indian Relics.
$ 47, 500.00


3. KY Hornstone Cumberland 2 5/16'' : Found in Bourbon County KY. Formerly colleted by D. Tackett.
$ 3750.00 - SOLD


4. Banded Slate Geniculate Bannerstone: This highly developed form ranks among the finest to be found in the state of Ohio.
$ 12,500.00


5. KY Hornstone Dovetail Point: 4 5/8 x 1 3/4 Found in Trigg County KY. This work of art with a pronounced bulls eye in the center was formerly collected by Chalmer Lynch and Clem Caldwell.
$ 4500.00 - SOLD


6. Knobbed Hardin 4 7/16 : This museum grade point was found in Jefferson County KY and ranks among the finest of its type.
$ 7000.00 - SOLD


7. Black and White Clarksville Bannerstone : Found by Charlie Trader at the Overflow Pond in Harrison County in 1971. This classic Piece is pictured in color in more publications than any banner I've personally seen.
$ 17,500.00 - SOLD


8. This Very Fine Adena Dickson Drill from Arkansas is without a doubt the finest to ever be found of its type. Besides its paper thin needle tip it also has a very rare left handed bevel. Formerly collected by B.W. Stephens and C.H. Long.


9. Classic Sonora Flint Pinetree 2 ¼ :Found in Breckinridge County KY. It has classic form, fine serrations and very beautiful color.
$ 650.00 - SOLD


10. Very Fine Multi-Colored Hornstone Cumberland Point : Found in Scott County KY and purchased from the finder in the 1970's by C.H. Long.
$ 5500.00 - SOLD


11. This 4 7/8 Banded Slate Lizard Effigy was found Willie Hurt on the Elkhorn Creek in Woodford County KY. It is without a doubt the finest ever to be found in the State of Kentucky.
$ 6000.00 - SOLD